Last week marked part 1 of this multiple part series on creating magic in your life. If you missed week 1 you can check it out here to start from the beginning, otherwise, let’s dive in to Magic trick number 2 shall we?

Magic Trick Number 2 – Ho’opponopono

Or what my husband calls Ho-pono-poo-poo! (we are super mature like that!!!) The name itself is really irrelevant, the practice behind it is where the magic really lies!!! This one I would consider probably the most “Mysterious” and although I’m certified as a Ho’opponopono practitioner I still struggle with trying to explain its magic! In a nutshell, it goes a little something like this

I love you

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

This is an ancient Hawaiian healing technique that has been around for hundreds of years and has become a more mainstream North American practice in the recent years.

The idea behind this principle is that we as individuals are 100% responsible for every single thing that happens in our lives. Every. Single. Thing. NO EXCEPTIONS. So when things are happening in our life that are less than ideal, not only did we create it with our own thoughts, but we also have the power to change it with different thoughts and these 4 phrases is how it starts.

For example, say I’m struggling with finding patience, I’m finding that people are irritating me and I’m getting easily triggered. Upon the awareness of this happening I start using Ho’opponopono and recite in my head “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, and thank you.” Over and over again.

What this does is essentially communicates with your higher self, that perfect part of you and says, “OK, if we are completely responsible for everything that happens in our lives, then ultimately, WE are responsible for creating these experiences that we are getting annoyed with in the first place, so let’s change this and let it go.”

By saying these 4 phrases over and over again either out loud or in your head, you begin to clear the emotional and energetic baggage attached to the person place or thing that is triggering you, which, in turn creates much more freedom for you to create more joyful experiences.

Sounds super weird right?? Perhaps even mysterious and supernatural!! But don’t knock it till you try it.

A few years back I got in an argument with my husband just before heading out on a road trip 3 hours north. The majority of the drive was silent and I used that as an opportunity to start clearing whatever it was that I had going on inside me to create it. I just repeated these phrases over and over and over again, my mind would still go on tangents and think other thoughts, and once I became aware of it I would just bring it back to those 4 simple phrases again. Upon arriving at our hotel, we get out of the truck to unload and I go to open the tailgate and hubs reaches for my hand and pulls me in and hugs me and tells me he loves me. Which, if you know hubs and I, you know we are both quite stubborn and this would not have been an easy gesture for him to initiate. Instantly our argument seems silly and the tension melts away. Magic!!
The beauty behind this trick, and many other tricks and tools I will be sharing, is that even if you are skeptical, it will still work!! Trust me, I am a pretty open minded person, and I do love everything woo woo, but I am also a math nerd, which means, my logical mind is strong and sometimes I get swept up in this black and white, right and wrong mentality, and overlook this beautiful shade of grey that doesn’t always satisfy my rational brain.

What I love most of all about this technique, aside from its simplicity, and its profound clearing techniques of course, is that it gets me out of my monkey mind.
Now I know I preach day in and day out about being aware of your thoughts, and the importance of not dwelling, bitching, or getting stuck in the story. I know this, and I believe it with every ounce of my being but girl, I’m not that different from you. I’m still human and I still struggle with this myself sometimes. Just because I know this, doesn’t mean I’m always so great at executing it. I’m working on it though. And this is a huge part of it.

Let me explain. When conflict arises in my world and I am struggling with how to handle a difficult person or situation, I remind myself that I have 2 choices. The first choice is to replay the scenario in my head over and over again, analyzing it, picking it a part, and sharing the struggle with anyone who will not only listen but will join me in my frustration and validate my reasoning for being triggered, OR, I can get out of my own head and just start using the Ho’opponopono phrases every time I feel my mind going in that first direction. By repeating “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you” it takes me out of victim mode. It takes me out of the story and away from the drama that I myself have created and those phrases start clearing the subconscious thoughts that created the issue in the first place.

You still with me?

Remember, that we are 100% responsible for every single thing that happens in our world, the good, the bad, and the ugly. When we can fully own and acknowledge this truth, we can begin to radically transform our lives in ways we never thought possible. Having said that, it’s important for us to also know that it’s our subconscious is often times in the driver seat, and I’m no expert on the subconscious by any stretch of the imagination, but what I do know, is that no matter who you are, we all got some serious shit buried in there that we don’t even realize is leading the way. Based on the trainings and courses I’ve taken on this subject, these 4 phrases, I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me and thank you are designed to clean and clear the subconscious of the thoughts that first created the trigger so we are no longer controlled by those unconscious thoughts.

Let me go back to that first example I mentioned above when hubs and I got into an argument and see if I can break it down for you.

Even though at the time I felt as if he was being unnecessarily difficult and a little bit of a jerk, I was still responsible. I’m not talking fault or blame, but responsible. Meaning, no, it is not my fault that he’s being a jerk, but I am however responsible for how I choose to respond to it. So in my world, at that time, I was pissed off, and I really don’t like being pissed off or dragging out arguments way longer than necessary. (Although, shamefully, that used to be something I was really really good at.) I reminded myself that there is something in me that created this situation for whatever reason, and since I am the one who created it, I am the one who can change it, so I got to work.

As we are driving in the awkwardly quiet truck I’m looking out the window and the voice inside my head was sounding a little something like this. “I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you, I’m sorry, Please…. Oh shit that car just totally cut that guy off, jeez that was a close one, and what are we even listening to anyway? This radio station sucks, I wonder what he would say if I changed it? It would really piss him off, what doesn’t piss him off anymore, like seriously, he’s such a crank today, ugh I’m not even looking forward to this weekend anymore, I’m just irritate……wait, shit, I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.”

See what I mean? If you’re anything like me your mind works like that most of the time, we drift off and get whisked away into the story and drama of it all and fuel our own fire to the point of explosion. By me repeating these 4 phrases as often as possible, it not only kept me out of my own head and stopped me from magnifying the situation, but the phrases themselves worked to clear the subconscious thoughts that created the situation in the first place.

Seems a little too good to be true I know, like seriously, how can saying these 4 phrases clear ones subconscious?? Logically, I can’t answer that, but energetically speaking, It’s like a conversation with your highest self. That perfect part of you that is pure joy. It is saying to that part of you, “I love you”, because love is such a high vibration and when we are in drama we are in a very low vibration. The “I love you” begins to raise your vibration immediately, “I’m sorry” this is not an apology to the person in conflict. This is an apology to your highest self. It’s saying, I’m sorry for creating this less then perfect situation, I’m sorry for my unconscious thoughts that were responsible for me feeling this way, 
“Please forgive me” for having this momentary lapse in judgment and allowing us to get to this low frequency, “Thank you” for always guiding me, leading me, and helping me clear whatever it is that created this.

Now I’m a pretty visual person, so as I say this I imagine my highest self as this beautiful, completely enlightened, loving, compassionate woman who is forgiving beyond measure. I imagine her getting to work to release the tension, negativity, and frustration that I’m feeling and transform it all in to love and joy and the highest most purest energy. I don’t really know why I do this, but seriously, who cares??? It doesn’t matter how you do it, just do it. I mean that, Whatever it is that works for you when you practice this, just go with it. There is no right or wrong way, just simply do it and keep doing it!

Now, I know what you’re thinking, that’s all good and fine Jenn, but your husband was still being a super douche so how does this help that??

Simply put, people feed off our energy. When I am vibing high and feeling love and light, the people around me do to. When I am low vibe, angry, pissed off, and annoyed, the people around me feel it too. We cannot change other people, but we can change how we interact with them, and in turn, it changes their demeanour towards us.

That is where the magic lies my friends, that is what makes this so powerful. All we can control is us, so when you’re pissed off, no matter what the reason, you will tend to attract things to match that energy. This is why it is so important for us to be aware of our thoughts and our actions. This is why the blame game never works, because all it does is validate our reasoning for being pissed off without ever getting us out of that lower vibrational state.

If you’re still with me, I thank you. I know get wordy and probably repeat myself a lot, I do this in hopes that the more I say it, the more it sinks in.

You my friend are 100% responsible for where your life is right now, maybe you’re felling stuck and overwhelmed with how to change it, maybe all of this sounds too simple to be effective, but what have you got to lose?? Serious?

Try this, play with this, run it on repeat over and over again and just see what shifts and changes for you. Incorporate this with last week’s magic tricks and work towards making these your new default settings. You’d be surprised with just how much impact these small changes will have on your overall happiness and well being!!!

How does it get better than that?! 😉

See you next week for part 3 in “Creating Magic” series!