Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from my counsellor?

My approach as a coach is totally different from traditional couneslling, while oftentimes counsellors encourage you to talk your problems to death and rehash every detail, I look at every situation with a unique perspective and uncover why your problems are actually unacknowledged blessings.

Together we use EFT tapping, the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement, Chakra clearings, personalized scripts to Retrain Your Brain and subconscious thoughts, along with guided meditation to not only release the emotions attached to your past, but to fully embrace everything that it may have contributed so that you can move forward and not be a victim to your past.

How does EFT work with painful traumas?

Emotions are packed with energy. It is easy to feel their “charge” (if we allow it), whether it be positive or negative. With EFT it is not necessary to submerge one’s self in these strong currents of unreleased pain.

It is not recommended we jump into the deepest part of the pain to release the charge. We want to diminish the intensity of the charge surrounding the issue first before continuing, step by step, with the other emotions and going deeper.

The approach is like peeling an onion. We start with what is on the outside and go layer by layer.

Please note: sometime we are unexpectedly taken into the center of a deep trauma or emotion. The unexpected surge of these past, repressed or intense memories and emotions may take us by surprise and can be quite overwhelming, feeling like we are reliving the past trauma over again.

This process can happen so quickly we are not able to “sneak up on it” gradually. This is referred to as an “abreaction” and can feel quite intense and overwhelming. In this case, continuous, quick tapping through all points is done for as long as it takes (5-15 minutes on average) until the emotional energy is released.

Why use EFT rather then a different form of therapy?

EFT often works where all else has failed.

EFT can get to the root of the problem very quickly.

EFT is simple to use and can be used as a self help tool, which people find useful to assist them in times of need or to speed up the process when working with a therapist, by doing “homework” between sessions.

EFT is safe.

EFT can be done via the telephone, which means geographic location ceases to be a problem, and also that a therapist can assist in an emergency situation, such as a panic attack.

The benefits of EFT:

Releasing the effects of Abuse
Dealing with Addictions
Process Anger
How to overcome Depression
Resolving Eating Disorders
Overcome Exam Nerves
Fear of Public Speaking
Help with Insomnia
Recovering from ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Relief from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
Learn to Manage Pain
Alleviate Panic Attacks
Overcoming Phobias & Fears
Effective technique to Stop Smoking
Release Stress & Anxiety
Release memories and effects of Trauma/ PTSD
Weight Loss (What’s really going on?)

What is the "Clearing Statement"?

Many modalities clear the limitations built around words. Access Consciousness clears the energy underneath the words.

Much of what we would like to change is not cognitive or logical; it is created and held energetically. Take a moment to recall a time when you got really angry about something without being clear about the logical reason… was it actually an energy you were aware of?

The beauty, magic and potency of the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement is its capacity to clear the hidden stuff that you aren’t even aware of that is keeping you stuck! So, you don’t need to go through the pain, suffering and gory of reliving a situation to clear the charge on it! How does it get even better than that?

So, when you ask a question or think about something that is limiting you or not working for you, there is an energy that comes up. It’s a lot like defragging a computer. The energy comes up, you run the clearing statement and then you have a whole lot more space from which to create anything you choose!

Do I have to memorize the whole thing??

You can, or you can just “POC and POD” it all too!!!

How do the "Retrain Your Brain" scripts work?

The “Retrain Your Brain” scripts are uniquely designed for you. Our thoughts and points of view are what create our reality (Not the other way around, contrary to what people may think) So many of us function in total autopilot with our subconscious running the show. By using certain NLP strategies and specific techniques designed to bypass our conscious brain, we go right to the subconscious to start reprogramming your autopilot to default out of negativity and into creating the life you truly desire.

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