Self-Study Programs

Self-Study Programs

“Kick Start Your Confidence” 4 Week Self-Study Program

In this 4 week Self-Study course you will be clearing issues that have been creating stress and self sabotage in your life, allowing yourself to release your insecurities and self judgements that have been getting in the way of stepping in to the most confident version of you!!

Virtual “Heal Your Heart” Workshop/Self-Study

What If You Didn’t Have To Suffer Anymore? Heartache and sorrow can weigh so heavily on both our physical AND our emotional bodies.

Carrying emotional heartache not only reaks havoc on our emotionl wellbeing, but by harbouring anger and negative emotions we can actually begin to create an imbalance or dis-ease in or physical bodies as well.

When we are able to release our emotions around these past experiences we are actually clearing the energetic trauma associated with painful past memories which allows for more love, joy and even abundance!

Everyone who registers will get a copy of the recording as well as a PDF Workbook to print off and refer back to when needed!

“Maybe this is what feeling content feels like.”

So I have to say that speaking with you today gave me such a sense of, I don’t know, unburdening maybe??!! I feel different. I was able to be totally honest and that is huge. Maybe this is what feeling content feels like?? So a huge thank you my friend!!

– Kathryn after our first 1-1 session

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